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Frederica Irving ([personal profile] voltrounds) wrote2026-11-01 01:48 pm

basic information

Name: Frederica Irving ("Ricky" if you're friends)
Age: Atlus swears she's 18
Canon of Origin: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Canon Setting Overview: It was like our world, but people fucked up the ecosystem, so other people developed these giant trees that would fix everything over the next thousand years. Now it's a fairly standard pseudo-medieval fantasy setting where magic has inexplicably become a thing that exists, or maybe it's just stupidly advanced technology, who knows?

Mini History: Daughter of a scientist working on the Yggdrasil Project, who volunteered to go into cold sleep and wake up after the environmental damage was repaired, because at that point the trees were expected to go nuts and wreck everything and the plan was to preemptively nuke them. When she awakened, circumstances required her to team up with a group of adventurers and go exploring. Together they decided nuking the tree was a bad idea because of the people living in and around it, so instead they managed to get their hands on the world's strongest herbicide.

Mini Personality: Acts serious and Professional among new people. Actually not like that at all. Cheerful, friendly, easily flustered, rather childish. Doesn't believe in hurting people for her own benefit, hates it when it becomes the only option.

Skills and Abilities:
-can do Stupid Gun Shit like giving bullets elemental properties, having a bullet ricochet and hit multiple enemies, or shooting medical bullets that heal you instead of hurting you I swear to god that is an actual thing that happens
-really good at drawing maps (actually it might be supposed to be the Highlander who does all the map-drawing but I choose to interpret it as a team effort)

-does not look 18
-those straps around her shoulders aren't actually attached to anything