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Frederica Irving ([personal profile] voltrounds) wrote2017-02-17 05:15 pm

Airlocked Inventory

On her at any given time
  • A shoulder strap for carrying these things. (originally the edge of a bedsheet)
  • A sketchbook containing her maps. (from the art room)
  • A "shield"/pot lid. (stolen from the kitchen)
  • A flashbang grenade. (boon)
  • Modest Clothing - A pair of full-length black pants and a loose-fitting white turtleneck. It looks like something from an incredibly repressed futuristic society. (regain) (sleeves usually rolled up and held in place with safety pins)

In her room sitting around visible to anyone
  • Football Helmet - Ridiculous. (boon)
  • Seth's portrait of Angelica (rescued after the second trial), now with tiny white flower petals scattered over it. (gathered in the greenhouse)
  • Ruined Bear - The remains of a stuffed bear. You get an eerie feeling when you look at it, like it used to be alive. (regain) - partially repaired, badly
  • Map of Gladsheim - A map drawn on parchment, labeled "AREA IV." It's just a big rectangular room with two smaller rooms in the southern corners. (regain)
  • Desktop Sun Lamp - A miniature sun lamp. It perfectly imitates the conditions of Earth sunlight, but it's no substitute for the real thing. (regain)
  • Holographic Nail Polish - A bottle of holo nail polish. It's like a little galaxy for your fingers and toes. (regain)
  • Captain's Uniform - Like capelets, heels, and minidresses? Course you do. Baton and key card not included. (regain) (should probably give back to Yurika at some point)
  • Foot Spa - A machine that helpfully provides a much-needed foot massage. (regain)

Dumb shit she's hoarding in her trunk
  • After-dinner mints - A plastic tub full of soft, sugary dessert mints. They melt in your mouth. (regain)
  • Hot Chocolate - A packet of powdered chocolate. Mix it with hot milk or water for a warm, delicious treat. (regain)
  • Tea - A tin full of loose leaf tea leaves. The smell reminds you of home. (regain)
  • Heavy-Duty Painkillers - A bottle full of large white pills. The label says "Oxycodone." (regain)
  • Gelatin - Instant fruit-flavored gelatin mix. Just add hot water, stir, and set in the fridge. You can even use cookie cutters to make fun shapes*! *Cookie cutters not included. (regain)
  • Permanent Marker - An incredibly large permanent marker with an aluminum casing. The instructions say to make sure there's adequate ventilation before use. (regain)
  • 2x Bath Bomb - A ball of tightly-compressed powder wrapped in vacuum-sealed plastic. This one turns the water into an opaque swirl of purple, blue, and silver glitter like a galaxy. (regains)
  • Glow in the Dark Ping Pong Balls - A set of six ping pong balls. They look white under normal light, but if you turn the lights out they glow. (regain)
  • Deer Antler - An unusually large antler, purple-gray in color. (regain)
  • Conch Shell - A seashell that lets you hear the sea if you hold it to your ear. Does not predict the future. (regain)
  • Glitter Cannon Refills (partial) - Refill rounds for a glitter cannon. They'd probably break open if you threw them with enough force anyway. (regain)
  • 2x Athletic Wrap - A supportive elastic wrap for athletes to prevent injury. (regain)
  • Helmet - A glass helmet made to protect the wearer's face from the cold, remorseless void of space. If you're six and think that sticking a fishbowl on your head makes you a spaceman, that is. (regain)
  • A smoke grenade. (Carrying it and the flash grenade at the same time would be a recipe for disaster.) (boon)
  • Health Scanner - A handheld electronic scanner that can immediately gauge the health of whoever it's aimed at. It glows green for impotence! Oh, wait, green causes impotence... (regain)
  • Cloth Bandages - Plain bandages made out of plain white cloth. (regain)
  • 23x Galaxy Feathers - Pigeon feathers with a colorful swirling pattern like a galaxy. (gathered in the greenhouse)

No longer have:
  • Paper dress. (made from art room paper) - did not survive very long, remains disposed of
  • Tiny Car - A tiny red convertible. It's powered by pedals like a bicycle, with a steering wheel. For some reason it makes you think of old men in silly hats. Christine Junior (regain) - trash-compacted
  • (second, identical) Tiny Car - A tiny red convertible. It's powered by pedals like a bicycle, with a steering wheel. For some reason it makes you think of old men in silly hats. Christine Junior's first reincarnation (regain) - trash-compacted
  • Chocolates - A bag of small, bell-shaped chocolates. The tag sticking out of the wrapper says "Physical Affections". (regain) - became a Depression Meal
  • The other Glitter Cannon Refills - one used, a few given to Natsuhi